The Biggest Causes of Accidents and How to Prevent Them

By Ursula Nizalowski


Like any other state in the US, Colorado has its fair share of car accidents every year. What
causes them to happen depends on several factors. Because while some accidents are caused by
the driver, others have to do with the environment. Yet even if the environment is not in the
driver’s control, they arguably should be responsible enough to be prepared. So here are the
most common reasons for accidents in Colorado and ways of preventing them from happening.

Reasons for the Most Car Crashes in Colorado


1) Distractions – Because it’s in our nature to observe everything around us, drivers
are susceptible to getting distracted. These include things like texting and looking at the scenery
outside the car. Regardless of how long the distraction is, it “can result in a devastating crash,
which is one reason why Colorado law prohibits texting while driving” according to the Babcock
Law Firm.

2) Inebriation – Whether it’s alcohol or drugs, using either of these substances before
driving is asking for trouble. Not only do they dull the senses of a person, it also makes them
less aware of their surroundings. This leads to a higher probability of them ending up in an
accident if they’re the driver, hence Colorado’s laws against driving while inebriated.

3) Recklessness – Under the right conditions, a driver can become reckless on the
road. Sometimes it’s because of inexperience if the driver is young, or they’re suffering from
road rage during a long and stressful day of driving. But that doesn’t change the fact that
reckless driving is a class 2 traffic misdemeanor crime in the state of Colorado and a common
cause for accidents.

4) Fatigue – Even if a driver doesn’t partake in inebriating substances, they will
certainly get tired if they didn’t get enough sleep the night before or have been driving for a very
long time. In such a state, they’re just as likely to get into a car accident. This sentiment is
backed up by NHTSA, who did a census in 2017 that showed “91,000 police-reported crashes
involved drowsy drivers” with 50,000 injuries and 800 deaths estimated.

5) Weather Conditions – Since Colorado is a mountainous region, there is a great
deal of snowfall and rain at certain times of the year. And if drivers aren’t used to these types of
weather, they could end up in an accident. Because every year, almost “900 people are killed
and nearly 76,000 people are injured in vehicle crashes during snowfall or sleet” according to the
Federal Highway Administration’s website.

6) Dangerous Roads – In addition to severe weather, some of Colorado’s highways
and mountain passes are pretty tricky to drive on. This is due to a combination of heavy traffic,
sharp turns, and steep drop-offs. So when inexperienced or unprepared drivers try to tackle
them, it often leads to a high frequency of accidents in places like the Denver Metro Area or the
Eisenhower Tunnel in the Rockies where the Bussey Law Firm claimed “A fatal five-vehicle
crash” happened in October 2021.






Preventative Measures


Make the Necessary Travel Plans – Before going somewhere in a car, it’s usually best to make sure there’s a clear route in mind. This means checking the weather conditions of the intended route and gathering the necessary items to be prepared for the length of driving. It’s also good to allow some flexibility in the plan in case any unexpected events occur.

Consider Everyone’s Safety – Regardless of how many people are in the vehicle,
personal safety is a big concern. For this reason, one shouldn’t drive recklessly or be
inconsiderate of the passengers. Instead, it’s better for the driver to be responsible and do
everything in their power to keep themselves and their passengers safe.

Follow the Rules of the Road – Though the circumstances on the road may be
unpredictable, that doesn’t mean a driver should ignore the rules for safe driving. While some of
these are outlined in Colorado’s driving laws, some are just common sense strategies. One such
example is defensive driving, which can be applied to a lot of situations and often recommended.

For further information on accident causes and how to prevent them, feel free to contact attorney
Rick Wagner .