Charities We Support

Charities We Support

If you’re looking for charities to give back to this year, we’ve listed a few of our favorites below. As avid pet lovers we are particularly grateful for the many pet charities in our valley who do so much to help our homeless pet population and to benefit those who could use extra emotional support that only animals can give.


Grand River Humane Society

Our mission is to reduce the number of homeless and suffering pets through education, adoptions and foster care. We work with community resources including local veterinarians and Mesa County Animal Services toward achieving our mission.

Roice Hurst Humane Society

Roice-Hurst is an animal shelter and adoption center that provides loving care for homeless dogs and cats and services to our community aimed at keeping pets in their loving homes. We never euthanize animals because of a lack of space or resources.


Our mission is to provide shelter and care for abandoned and homeless cats, with the goal of finding them permanent homes or providing them with a lifetime home in our facility.

Harmony Acres

Harmony Acres Equestrian Center offers a place of sanctuary and healing for animals and people. Every day our animals enhance the lives of military veterans, children who have experienced trauma, individuals with disabilities, and others who are looking for a safe space to find meaningful connection.

Pig-A-Sus Homestead

A Colorado non-profit group since 1996 dedicated to providing shelter for Potbelly pigs and resources for owners of Potbellies.