Commercial Vehicle Accidents

The Law Office of Rick Wagner can help if you’ve been injured in an accident with a commercial vehicle. Commercial vehicle accident cases we take include those involving: 18 wheelers (semi-trucks), delivery trucks/vans, and buses.

Commercial vehicles are often larger and heavier than your standard automobile or motorcycle. Therefore, injuries to the drivers of these vehicles can be severe. Cars can get dragged under the high-clearance semis, for instance.

Another issue complicating commercial vehicle cases is the fact that there may be many negligent parties involved. This may include anyone from the driver to the company he or she works for. Our law firm is well-versed in the federal and state regulations these drivers and their businesses must follow when driving commercial vehicles.

We know from research, available data, and past experience that driver fatigue, substance abuse, and other factors are often involved in these types of cases. The roads that are traveled by some of these vehicles in western Colorado can also be a factor in accidents. Narrow, steep roads with changing elevation and directions are challenging when operating a larger vehicle.

in an accident with a commercial vehicle

More information on Commercial Vehicle accidents

Even though the employee is driving the vehicle, the employer is usually responsible for that commercial vehicle. He or she is also responsible for any accidents related to the vehicle.  An exception is when the employee is driving the vehicle during non-work hours. At that point, your accident attorney will most likely try to recover any fees from the driver.

Factors that Can Cause Confusion or Disagreement

  • Was the employee technically on the clock (ie was she driving to an appointment but not really on the clock yet)?
  • Check for any special license that is required to drive the type of vehicle involved in the accident and the driver’s license validity.
  • Check for use of unauthorized or illegal substances by the driver of the vehicle.

For holders of CDL licenses, the fines for any tickets the driver might receive tend to be higher and cases tend to take longer to be settled. It will take time for the police to determine who was at fault. During this time you must focus on getting well. Our job is to handle your accident injury case and keep up with any necessary work while you heal.