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Rick Wagner is a car accident attorney in Grand Junction, Colorado.
Former Peace Officer & Prosecutor

Rick Wagner Injury Attorney

 Car & Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Rick D. Wagner is a car accident attorney in Grand Junction. Rick has an extensive background in the criminal justice system. He also has extensive experience working on cases involving automobile and motorcycle accidents.  He helps victims of car accidents working to settle their car accident lawsuits.

Accident Injury Cases are all we do.

Rick has been a prosecutor in both the 18th and 21st Judicial Districts. In addition, Rick spent a number of years as a peace officer, culminating as a Captain with the Mesa County Sheriff’s office.  Finally, what sets us apart from other injury attorneys in the Grand Junction is that injury cases are all we do. We feel that it’s best to focus on one area of experise.  Accident injuries are all we do and because of that we feel that we have set ourselves apart from other attorneys here.

As a Western Colorado Native, Rick has extensive knowledge of the entire Western Slope, from Mack to Pea Green corner, from Montrose to Collbran. If you’ve been injured in an accident here, you want someone who knows the area extensively to work on your case.

Our office has an experience and knowledgable staff to help take the burden off the injured person after a car accident injury.

Free consultations are standard. PLUS we don’t get paid until or unless you get a settlement.

For more information, scroll down or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. Or contact us at (970) 243-3500.  Our office is located at 300 Main Street, Grand Junction, Colorado.

Frequently Asked Questions

accident injury frequently asked questions

What type of accident injury cases do you take?

I take accident injury cases that originate from car accidents and motorcycle accidents.

What is your fee for taking my case?

I take cases on a contingency fee basis. So, what that means is that I only get paid my percentage when you receive a settlement. Consequently,  if you don’t get paid, I don’t get paid.

What is the best way to contact you about taking my case?

The easiest way to contact me is to call my office at 970-243-3500.

Ok, I have an appointment to meet with you. What should I bring?

Bring any information you have regarding your accident injury. Usually, this includes three main items: an accident report, including witness statements and their contact information as well as the police report and any pictures of the accident itself. Also, include any messages between yourself and the insurance company that you are working with. Finally, bring all medical bills that you receive as a result of the accident, including prescriptions.

How long does settling a case take?

Unfortunately, there is no set answer to this question. Each case is completely unique and the time it takes from start to finish will vary based on different factors. These include the insurance companies’ processes and the seriousness of your injuries.

What does Colossus have to do with my case?

Some insurance companies use a program called Colossus, or some variation of it, to settle insurance claims. Essentially, it is designed for the adjuster to insert certain numbers pertaining to your case and injury. It determines the amount that you will receive for your claim. Therefore, its intent is to insure that companies award amounts of money based on certain standards. However, because it is a computer program, it is susceptible to returning inappropriate amounts based on subjective injuries, such as pain and suffering.

Colorado Insurance History at a Glance

The state of Colorado has minimum requirements for auto insurance and at this writing are $25,000 liability coverage per person and $50,000 per accident. This means that if you own a car in Colorado you have to carry this much insurance to legally meet the state’s requirements; so that insurance is available if someone is injured due to negligence of the car’s owner or driver. […]

Back and Neck Injury Information

*The information here is for entertainment only and should not be construed as medical advice. Back and Neck Injury Information Things to do if you’ve been in an auto accident:  Don’t flee; Stay at the scene If you’re ok, check on other passengers and drivers involved in the accident. If necessary, call the police to report the accident. Get help for anyone needing medical attention. […]

Car Accident Lawyer

As a car accident lawyer and motorcycle accident lawyer Rick Wagner is here to help you with any legal needs you might have regarding injuries from a car accident. When you are injured in an accident, after calling the police your next step should be to call a car accident attorney or car accident law firm. Rick and his staff will provide you with a free […]

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