Top Causes of Summer Car Accidents

As road trips and vacation travel take hold this summer, we think it’s best for you to be aware of the top causes of summer car accidents.  Roads seem busier, especially on Friday afternoons and Sunday evenings as everyone heads for the lake or the mountains to get as much camping in as they can while it’s warm. It’s not just cars and trucks on the road either: warm weather means more folks are out on their motorcycles, bicycles, skateboards, etc.  More people are hauling boats or RVs too. You’ve got to be extra focused on what’s going on around you when it comes to summertime on the road.

Top Causes of Summer Car Accidents:

Top Causes of Summer Car Accidents

Construction Zones – each week we share the traffic alerts from GJSentinel.com here in Grand Junction. One reason we do that is so you’ll be more aware of where construction is taking place.  Knowing to expect construction in certain areas can keep you focused on it and help you to slow down and be prepared.  Summer is a great time for construction projects because the weather is better but it also means those projects are going to interfere with travel to and from your favorite vacation destinations. Take some extra time, be aware of signs, cones, flashing lights, etc., and pay attention to construction workers in construction zones.

Worn out tires – Tire blowouts are much more common in the summer because the heat from the road (which can get up to 140F) and the heat from your tires can put extra strain and pressure on already worn out tires. If your tires are over 6 years old or have lost much of their tread (use the penny test) you need to be extra careful and get your tires replaced as soon as possible.

This same rule applies to your RV tires.  If you’ve just purchased an RV consider getting new tires in the next year or two, at the most. Standard RV tires that come on your RV when you purchase it aren’t always the highest quality.  Don’t let them go too long and put you at risk of an RV tire blowout during your vacation. You might also consider a tire pressure monitor to help put your mind at ease.

Top Causes of Summer Car Accidents TEen Drivers

Distracted Teen Drivers – According to AAA, 6 out of 10 severe summer teen accidents occurred because of distracted driving. Teens are much more likely to be involved in an accident in the summer because they’re out of school and having fun. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, when teens are responding to text messages, singing loudly with friends in the car, trying to get the attention of their friends in other cars, and even smoking or drinking, they’re at a much higher risk for a serious accident. Talk to your teens to make sure they understand what’s at stake when they get behind the wheel.  TeenDriving.AAA.com has great resources for you to utilize.

If you’re injured in an accident this summer be sure to contact us. Your job is to get better. Our job is to handle the rest.