The Bright Side of Headlights – A Closer Look

Modern vehicle headlights, designed for better visibility, have ironically become a road hazard due to their blinding brightness. This issue, stemming from the shift to LED lights, is more than just an annoyance – it’s a safety concern.

This is because LEDs emit a bluish-white light, that is much more harsh than the lighter color of more traditional headlights. These brighter and more blue light shifted lights impact  our vision. LEDs, especially when misaligned – a common issue in larger vehicles – can dangerously impair the vision of other drivers.

Adaptive Headlights: A Solution on the Horizon

There’s hope in the form of adaptive headlight technology. This system uses advanced mechanics to adjust light beams, reducing glare. While still underutilized in the U.S., it’s a game-changer in Europe, enhancing night driving safety.

Until this technology becomes more available in the United States, drivers should adapt their habits for safer night driving. This means slowing down and avoiding direct eye contact with oncoming lights.