Summer Driving Hazards

Summertime is a great time for family vacations, especially road trips. Kids are out of school, parents are able to take time off, and it’s warm! However, summer driving hazards mean that those road trips and vacations come with risk. It’s important to pay attention to your surroundings and not drive distracted, especially in the summer.

#1 Driving Hazard: Road Construction

First, road construction happens mainly in the summer. Driving through a construction zone, especially when traffic is heavy, can be daunting. Slow down, for your own safety and the safety of all those construction workers. Pay careful attention to the lane changes, barrels, and equipment. Look to the road crew for guidance if you need it.

Next, you’re not the only family taking a road trip! Lots of people are! There will be many extra cars on the road, especially this year. With fewer people flying, that means an even greater increase in summer traffic. Even though you’re being a safe and cautious driver, others may not be. You’ll need to watch out for quick lane changes and distracted drivers. Also be aware of motorcyclists, bicyclists, and those hauling campers too.

Summer Driving Hazards Planning your vacation road trip

Third, watch out for sudden rainstorms in the afternoons. These happen in the mountains in the west, and also in tropical areas like Florida. These sudden downpours can make the road slick, cause limited visibility, and cause rockslides. If it’s raining so hard that you can’t see, try to find a safe place to pull over and make sure to turn on your hazard lights so others see you too.

Finally, and this may be a surprising one, watch out for pedestrians. People have a tendency to walk more when it’s nice out.  If you’re driving through a city or small town, make sure to watch for pedestrians at each intersection and along your entire route. Also watch for kids who might be out playing too.  Summer brings everyone outside; be an alert driver and watch for those pedestrians you might encounter.

Summer driving hazards range from weather related to people related, but all can lead to unnecessary accidents and injuries. If you’ve been injured in an accident and need help, call us. (970) 243-3500.