Places to Drive your ATV in Colorado

Places to Drive Your ATV/UTV in Colorado

by Ursula Nizalowski

For those who enjoy the outdoors no matter what season it is, off-road vehicles are perfect for getting through areas that would otherwise be difficult to navigate on foot or in a regular vehicle. This includes ATVs and UTVs, which have become widely popular for recreational use and agricultural work. But in spite of the vehicular freedom they offer, there are limitations. Namely, in terms of where one can drive off-road vehicles and safety regulations. So to make this simple, let’s take a look at places in Colorado where ATV/UTV driving is allowed and the rules that need to be followed.

Places That Allow ATV/UTV Driving

In the state of Colorado, there are plenty of trails for ATVs and similar vehicles to drive on. Among the most popular destinations include Grand Mesa near Grand Junction, Colorado, and Lizard Head Pass near Telluride. There are even cities and towns in Colorado that allow ATVs/UTVs to drive along the public streets. For instance, Mesa County allows “licensed operators with minimum insurance” to drive their off-road vehicles along the roads according to ATV MAN so long as they stay within a 35 mph speed limit. With that said, off-road vehicles are generally not allowed on public streets and highways for safety reasons.

Rules to Follow

Depending on how one plans to use an ATV/UTV, the rules are slightly different. For instance, if the vehicle is for recreational use, one needs to get an off-highway permit before driving it. But if the vehicle is for non-recreational use like farming, a permit is not necessary. In either case, ATVs/UTVs must have equipment such as head lamps, brakes, and mufflers on at all times. Age-wise, registered drivers have to be 16 years or older while children between 10-15 can drive off-road vehicles under supervision. Now if any vehicle-related accidents should occur, contact attorney Rick Wagner.