What are the symptoms of Whiplash?

Interesting Whiplash Statistics:

  • Whiplash symptoms last more than 6 months in 75% of patients
  • Symptoms of whiplash commonly do not appear until weeks or months after the accident
  • Whiplash victims lose an average of 8 weeks of work
  • Whiplash is 5 times more common in women than in men
  • Whiplash occurs most commonly in those aged 30 to 50 years
  • Rear-end collisions typically cause more cervical spine damage than do frontal or side collisions

Number of Disabilities from Automobile Accidents

  • On an average, there are more than 6 million car accidents on the roads of the US, annually.
  • Most experts have found that 10 percent of all motor vehicle accident victims become disabled.

Minimum Accident Speed to Cause Injury

Studies involving live humans have demonstrated that a motor vehicle accident of as little as 5 mph can induce cervical (neck) injury. However, other studies have shown that cars can often withstand crashes of 10 mph or more without sustaining damage.

Causes for the Accident

Many car accidents are caused by people talking to other passengers while driving, and others due to drivers playing with the radio while driving. A large percentage is because of eating or drinking while driving, and 25% of car accidents are caused due to talking on the mobile phone while at the wheel of the car. These car accident statistics are sad enough on their own, the saddest part being that they could have easily been avoided had drivers been paying more attention to driving and less to other activities.

Time for Symptoms to Present

Symptoms arising from injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents were once thought to present immediately following the accident. However, research and clinic experience now demonstrate that a delay of symptom onset seems to be the norm. Also, delay of symptom onset does not eliminate the possibility of severe injury.

In 2002, there were around 6,316,000 car accidents in the US, with these causing about 2.9 million injuries. In 2003, the total number of car accidents was 6,328,000 and the resulting injuries stood at almost 3 million.

Symptom Resolution Statistics

Many studies have found a significant number of individuals to be symptomatic for many months and even years after a motor vehicle accident. In one such study, 75 percent of individuals remained symptomatic 6 months after the accident.

Another study, published in the European Spine Journal, found that during the period of time between the first and second years following a motor vehicle accident over 20 percent actually had their symptoms worsen.

Likelihood of being Involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident

The US Department of Transportation estimates that the typical driver will have a near automobile accident one to two times per month and all will be in a collision of some type on average of every 6 years

The majority of car accident victims are the drivers, then the passengers of the car, followed by pedestrians, and lastly cyclists.

Who Pays for Injuries Sustained in Motor Vehicle Accidents?

According to the Insurance Research Council:

  • 63 percent of injuries are paid by the injured individuals own automobile insurance company
  • 55 percent of injuries are paid by the auto insurance company of another vehicle
  • 36 percent of injuries are paid by health insurance
  • 20 percent of injuries are paid by government programs
  • 19 percent of injuries are paid workers’ compensation insurance
  • Almost 60 percent of those injured reported to have used 2 or more sources of payment.

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