Information about Colorado ATV and UTV Laws

In the following video, Rick provides more information about Colorado ATV and UTV laws. Make sure to check out our other posts about ATVs, like this one on ATV injuries.


According to staythetrail.org: ”

Many cities and counties in Colorado have opened some or all of their roads/streets to off-highway vehicles (OHVs). Colorado State Law allows for the operation of OHVs with a valid Colorado OHV registration/permit, by operators 10 years and older (under direct supervision of a licensed driver) or by operators 16 years and older.


Rules regulating the use of OHVs on local public roadways may be more restrictive than these state laws and often vary from one city or county to the next.Requirements regarding age of operation, driver’s license, insurance, vehicle size/types, required equipment and other rules can change as you travel across boundaries between different jurisdictions. Local governments designate OHV routes with signs and/or provide OHV route maps to the public. Please check with the local city, county, or land management office for specific rules regulating the use of OHVs in that area.

Get Tested! 96dB(A)

Riders should also consider that many OHVs will perform differently on paved or improved surfaces. Extra care should be taken when operating OHVs on public roads. Ride safely and be courteous when encountering vehicle traffic, bicyclists, and other road users. Remember that OHVs can be louder than most on-road vehicles. Colorado Law limits sound emissions of all new OHVs to 96 decibels. Please be mindful of area residents and businesses. Riding on-road is a privilege; please respect the communities that have chosen to allow OHVs by riding responsibly. When in Town, Throttle Down!”   For more information about Colorado ATV and UTV laws, visit the Stay The Trail website, here.