Color Sunday Fall Leaf Peeping Driving Tips

With color Sunday just around the corner on the Grand Mesa we thought we’d provide a few tips for driving while looking at fall leaves.


  1. Watch for other drivers. There will be many people driving around looking at leaves and you never know when they may decide to pull over or heck, just stop in the middle of the road without thinking about the drivers behind them.
  2. Watch for wildlife! If you’re looking for fall leaves around here you’re in the mountains. Know what else is? Elk, deer, moose, and even bears. Be on the lookout for wildlife in the roadways or shoulders of the road, especially at dawn and dusk.
  3. Stop to sightsee! We use this phrase when hiking and biking but it applies to driving too. If you want to look at a beautiful yellow Aspen Grove, signal, pull over in a safe place, and then observe. Trying to look while driving means you aren’t doing the first two things on this list.
  4. Pay attention to changing weather. Weather in the mountains is always unpredictable, and this time of year there could be monsoonal rains or even an early snowstorm. Pay attention to changing conditions and adjust your plans or driving accordingly.
  5. Watch your speed! Winding mountain roads can be tricky and catch you off guard. Make sure to gear down if possible to avoid using your brakes as much on long downhill sections and look ahead to what’s coming while driving. Pay attention to road signs and warnings as well.

We hope these tips help you have a successful leaf peeping tour this year!