Tips for Driving in the Fog

In the cold desert climate of Grand Junction, Colorado rarely do we have to worry about driving in the fog. Our arid conditions usually mean there isn’t enough humidity or cloud cover for that to happen. However, in the winter when inversions occur, fog can too.  Clouds trap cold air and moisture at low levels.  This means we can have 20 degree highs, with clouds, down in our valley while the ski resort at a higher elevation has 30 degree sunny days. It also means moisture gets trapped, resulting in foggy morning conditions. Therefore, we’re posting a few tips for driving in the fog.

  1. Use headlights, but not your high beams. Your low level driving or “fog” lights will help others see you.  They won’t help you drive or see further, per se, but they’re a good way to make sure an oncoming car knows you’re there.
  2. Drive slowly.  People, stop signs, red lights, and other cars can seemingly appear out of nowhere on foggy mornings.  Slow down to avoid an accident.
  3. A few more tips for driving in the fog: don’t get distracted. This is an important driving tip for ANY time, but especially for foggy mornings because of the things mentioned in number #2.
  4. Leave extra room between yourself and the car in front of you at stop signs and red lights. You saw the car in front of you and stopped. Will the car behind you see you in time to stop? Leave a little extra room so that IF the worst happens and you get rear-ended, you won’t cause damage to the car in front of you.

When driving in foggy conditions, make sure to leave a little earlier than normal to allow for slower driving.  If you plan to take extra time, you will.  If you don’t and are suddenly forced to, you’ll be anxious and worried about being late for work. That’s not a great way to drive in foggy conditions.

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