Avoid slipping on ice this winter

Inevitably it will happen. Snow will fall, then melt, leaving slippery ice your driveway and parking lots across town.  How can you avoid slipping on ice this winter? There are steps you can take!

General Tips

First, at your own home use a pet-safe deicer like Safe Paw Ice Melter. This will melt the ice and prevent slipping in your driveway (or workplace parking lot if you own your own business) and is safe for pets and kids.

Second, make sure to wear appropriate shoes with traction.  If you need to wear dress shoes with slicker soles for work, we suggest walking into work in boots or shoes with extra traction, and then changing into your workplace appropriate footwear.

Be careful where you step. If you can avoid the ice, do. If you can’t, use your arms to keep yourself balanced.  Consider carrying items in a backpack so that you can keep your hands free.  If handrails are available, use them.

Business Owners

As a business owner and employer, make sure your customers avoid slipping on ice this winter at your location.  Take a walk right after a rain to see where water is gathering. These will be areas that could freeze and be harmful.  Keep a bucket of deicer near the door so that employees who notice dangerous spots can toss deicer onto those as soon as possible.  Have a plan for snow removal in your parking lot too.

If you fall

If you do fall on ice, first make sure you aren’t seriously injured before trying to get up.  Get up slowly and avoid the ice if you can.  If not, ask for help getting up.  If you think you have been injured because of someone’s negligence in removing ice and snow, please give us a call.  We offer free consultations to potential accident victims and we’re happy to help you.