Winter Accident Injuries

Accidents can occur anytime of year, but ice and snow make winter accident injuries prevalent in areas like Colorado.  Whether you’re a business owner or a home or car owner, knowing how to prevent winter accidents is a way to stay one step ahead.

First, as a business owner, make sure you have your parking lot plowed when it snows.  Check gutters and areas where ice melt can build up and make sure to keep those areas clear of water.  Use salt or an ice melt to prevent slips and falls at entrances to your building.

As a traveler or commuter, it’s important to make sure you drive in a way that is appropriate to conditions. Make sure your tires are properly inflated and that, if necessary, you are using winter or all-season tires.  Watch out for black ice and drive slowly.  On snow-packed roads make sure you leave plenty of room between yourself and cars in front of you.  Preventing winter accident injuries, especially automotive ones, means leaving plenty of time to get ot your destination and knowing when it’s best to just stay off the roads.

winter accident injuires

As a homeowner, pet-safe ice melt can make a big difference.  Keep your driveway clear of ice and snow in order to keep yourself and your family from slipping and falling.  Keep your gutters clear and make sure to knock down icicles as they form.

Winter accidents often occur when we least expect them: as we’re walking into a grocery store, driving to work just down the street, or even walking into the neighbor’s house.  Protect yourself and your clients, employees, loved ones by following basic tips.  Keep snow and ice removed whenever possible.  Use ice melts that are safe for your pets, and go slowly whether walking or driving.

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