Requirements for Driving a Golf Cart in Colorado

Rules for Golf Carts On The Road

By: Ursula Nizalowski

Because the game of golf requires walking across stretches of green lawns to get from one hole to the next, it can be physically taxing for the elderly and/or disabled. Hence, the golf cart was invented to make the treks across golf courses easier. Golf carts are also used by groundskeepers to get across whatever area they’re taking care of to get to where they’re needed. Though because of their popularity among the elderly, there are some cities that allow golf carts to be driven on the streets beyond the golf courses. Of course, there are certain rules that must be abided and the state of Colorado has its own.

Classification of Golf Carts

To understand the rules of driving a golf cart on public streets, we first need to consider how golf carts are legally defined as vehicles. According to this Colorado Legislative Council Brief made in 2012, golf carts fall under the category of Low-Speed Electric Vehicles or LSEVs for short. So this means they have to be electric-powered and typically operate at lower speeds than the typical car or motorcycle. While these two aspects do fit golf carts in general, that doesn’t necessarily mean they can drive on any road. Because in order for a golf cart to be considered a low-speed vehicle, it has to reach a minimum of 20-25 mph. Unfortunately, most golf carts can’t reach these speeds when they’re manufactured, but there are ways to upgrade a golf cart to make it go faster.

Requirements for Driving a Golf Cart in Colorado

Apart from upgrading a golf cart’s speed, the golf cart must also possess certain equipment to be considered a low-speed vehicle. This includes headlamps, turn signals, and reflectors among others. In addition, the driver has to possess a “valid driver’s license” and register their vehicle “with Personal Injury Protection and Property Damage Liability” according to Golf Cart Resource. As for where golf carts can drive, most cities in Colorado typically allow them to drive only within city limits. Particularly, in areas that have a speed limit of 45 mph or lower. But for any accidents that might occur, contact attorney Rick Wagner.