A Snowplow For Your Golf Cart

Is It Worth Getting a Snowplow for Your Golf Cart?

Author: Ursula Nizalowski

During the wintertime, snow and ice make roads very slippery and difficult to navigate due to the lack of traction. This in turn could lead to severe accidents, which can be prevented by using proper equipment on vehicles including snowplows. But is it worth getting a snowplow for your golf cart? While the concept may sound ridiculous, it is possible depending on the golf cart vehicle brand. Still, there are a number of factors to consider before getting a snowplow.

snow plow for your golf cart


For people who live in temperate regions that get severely cold winters, having a snowplow is a necessity. This is advocated on the website for Fairway Golf Cars Inc., a golf cart company located in Illinois, who claim the advantages to having a snowplow are being able to “move snow into a specific area” to avoid taking up driveway space and not worrying about “being snowed in while waiting for a busy snow maintenance company”. Now due to the small size of golf carts, they don’t take up as much space as regular cars or trucks do. So they would have the maneuverability to use a snowplow to push snow away without blocking driveways and similar spaces. In addition, having a golf cart with a snowplow could be useful for maintaining snow levels without having to wait for professionals to take care of it.


Like most auto parts, snowplows are an investment. So one has to be really sure they will use it either for transportation or work. Otherwise, there’s no point in buying it. There’s also the question of what kind of snowplow to get, as there are two types: gas and electric. As pointed out on the Replacing Old or Worn Out Auto Parts webpage, electric snowplow motors are durable but they can’t “typically handle deep snow drifts”. So depending on the region’s typical snowfall, it’s good to consider the best kind of snowplow and whether the region is bad enough to invest getting a snowplow in general. But for any golf cart-related accidents, contact attorney Rick Wagner.