Common Car Accident Injuries

When accidents happen, injuries often accompany them. Hopefully the injuries are mild, but they can often be debilitating and life threatening.  Here are some of the more common car accident injuries:

Brain/Head Injuries – Traumatic brain injuries can be caused from the head hitting something with force, or from the head being hit with something (like a projectile from the back seat or rear of your car).  Symptoms for brain injuries, even for concussions, can vary from person to person.

Neck Injuries – The most common neck injury during a car crash is whiplash or neck strain.  However, other, more serious injuries like cervical dislocation and disc injuries can and often do occur.

Back Injuries – According to, the lower back is the most common site of back injuries. These injuries can include anything from mild sprains to fractured vertebrae.  Lower back injuries can be delayed in showing symptoms but can also end up limiting your movement, causing you frustration and pain with sitting, standing and lying down.sore neck car accident injuriesSpinal Cord Injuries – Injuries to your spinal cord can occur from ligaments, bits of bone or disc fragments bruising or rupturing the tissue of your spinal cord.  This bruising or rupturing will often affect parts of your nerve cells, causing numbness or loss of feeling to parts of the body.

Other Injuries – Facial injuries, damage to internal organs, and psychological injuries can all occur during a car              accident. Broken glass fragments and even airbags can cause cuts or bruising to the face.  Impacts that push the drive forcefully into the steering wheel can damage internal organs.  Any accident can make a person feel anxious and hesitant about getting behind the wheel again.


As always, if you feel you’ve been hurt in an accident, consult your physician and your Grand Junction Accident Attorney.