5 signs you might have whiplash

Whiplash is strain to your neck usually caused by force or impact that makes your head jerk back and forth or side to side. It is most commonly associated with auto injuries.  Below are 5 signs that you might have whiplash.

1. You can’t move your head as much; your range of motion involving your head and neck has decreased.

2. It hurts to move your head from side to side or front to back.

3. You develop headaches that start at the base of your head or radiate upwards from your neck.

4. The muscles of your neck feel especially tight.

5. Your neck muscles are tender to the touch.

As always, the information here is for entertainment only and should not be construed as medical advice.  Consult your doctor if you think you’ve suffered whiplash as the result of an auto accident or other accident. 

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