Car Accident Injuries and Headaches

We’ve all suffered from headaches over the years.  There are a myriad of reasons people get headaches, including what they eat, how much they’ve had to drink (too much alcohol leads to dehydration), allergies, and tension in the neck. Those of us who work in office environments know how easy it is to sit improperly and end up with a painful neck and headache after work. Still, another cause of headaches is car accidents.

Headaches are a common car accident injury and even then can be symptoms of whiplash or other neck pain and trauma. Anytime your head is suddenly snapped forward or backward, whiplash isn’t going to be the only result. That strain and pain in your neck will manifest itself in headaches and pain in your back and shoulders as well. The video below from a chiropractor in Florida demonstrates some of the ways that chiropractic care can help with headaches caused by car accidents or car injuries.

As always, please be sure to consult a physician if you think you’ve been seriously injured in a car accident. If you liked this video, be sure to check out some of our other posts on car accident pain and injuries like Home Remedies for Back and Neck Pain.