5 ways to protect your accident injury case

Once you’ve contacted an accident injury attorney, there are many things you can do to help protect your case.

First, avoid lying.  There is no way in which lying about something can help your case.  Even if you were distracted, it’s better to tell the truth than to lie about that.  Lying about such things could affect your injury claims and could get any case or claims you have voided.

Next, make sure to see a doctor and follow your doctor’s advice. If your doctor tells you to avoid strenuous exercise for a week and you’re seen playing football in the park the next day, that won’t help your personal injury case. You need to follow your doctor’s orders in order to help your body and your case.

Car Accident Attorney in grand junction

Next, avoid talking about your case with anyone from the other driver’s insurance company or the other driver’s law office.  If anyone calls with questions about your case, you should refer them to your own auto injury attorney.

Another place to avoid discussing your case is on social media. Try to keep your comments about the case to a minimum, or none, and make sure there aren’t any unsavory posts or photos on your social media sites that the other driver’s attorneys could use against you.

Finally, make sure to take photos of everything. From the time the accident happens, if you’re able, start taking photos of your car, the other driver’s car, any injuries you have, anything you think might be useful. We can determine later what isn’t useful and discard it.  The more pictures you have, the better.  If you notice bruising or other injuries showing up later on, make sure to document those as well.