Back and Neck Pain Relief after an accident

After a car or motorcycle accident you may not immediately feel pain.  Your body’s “fight or flight” processes kick in and adrenaline takes over. You may think you’re fine and that you’re able to go right back to work or resume your normal activities.  However, if you do have injuries, muscle strains or whiplash for example, you may not know for a few days and what you do in the mean time can greatly affect how quickly you recover.

neck ache remedies

First, after an accident, take the day off from work and go home. Sitting at your desk for hours can only make your muscles sorer and stiffer.  If you go home, you will have the opportunity to rest and try some of the options below to help your body recover.

  1. Don’t expect to go play football in the park, lift weights or attend your weekly yoga class. You don’t know yet if there has been any damage to your back or neck, and any of these activities can exacerbate an injury.
  2. Drink plenty of water and consider Vitamin C and electrolytes.  All of these can help to reduce inflammation in your body.
  3. Try an Epsom Salt bath.  Epsom Salt can also help draw out toxins and decrease inflammation in your body and the warm bath water will help soothe injuries as well.
  4. Use ice packs or frozen washcloths on your back and neck.
  5. Consider deep breathing exercises.  Sometimes in accidents our seatbelt straps or even the force of an airbag impact can affect the positioning of our ribs and diaphragm. Deep breathing exercises can help to expand your lungs.
  6. Finally, try to take short walks on flat surfaces.  This will prevent your body from stiffening up and will allow your muscles a chance to move and recover at a relaxed and stress-free pace.