Your Accident Injury Case During the Coronavirus

As we’re all told to social distance, it’s no surprise that you may wonder about your accident case. How will we communicate with you? How will we have meetings with other lawyers or parties involved? In the year 2020 handling your accident injury case during the Coronavirus is easier than you might think.

Video Conferencing for Your Accident Injury Case During the Coronavirus

First, we offer video conferencing services.  If you have a good internet connection and a computer we can talk “Face-to-Face” using Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, etc.  These programs are fairly easy to use and we can walk you through how to access them. Even better, multiple people can be on a Zoom conference call, so we can have our paralegals, you, myself, and anyone else we need on one call.


For those of you who may not have access to a computer or a good internet connection, teleconferencing is still available. By phone we can connect with multiple people to discuss the current status of your case and answer any questions you have.


There are also easy ways to collect signatures without having face-to-face contact. We can send over documents that require an e-signature.  These do require email and at least access to wi-fi.  If those aren’t available to you, the good old fashioned mail system is still up and running! We can easily mail documents to you to sign and return.  Of course, if you have questions you can always contact us. 

The bottom line is that your accident injury case during the Coronavirus isn’t any different than the same case before this started and after it ends. We are here to serve you.  Now, more than ever, we want you to focus on getting well.  We’ll focus on your injury case and helping you in any way we can.