Back Stretches for Lower Back Pain

If you suffer from lower back pain, whether from a car accident injury or other injuries, working from home can be painful. Sitting for long stretches without those breaks for getting up and talking to co-workers or walking to get coffee or lunch means your back is compressed more often that it’s used to. We’ve got some back stretches for lower back pain articles here that can help.

These 4 stretches for lower back pain are good starting points. The first stretch, called “prayer stretch” is also more commonly known as child’s pose in yoga. It’s a great lower back stretch and can be done as it’s pictured in the article or with your knees wide.

Additionally, this video from Activ Chiropractic includes quite a few stretches with instruction, to help with lower back pain.

Often the best back stretches for lower back pain are the ones that first come to mind: a “forward fold” or bending from the waist to touch you toes. You don’t have to literally touch your toes. In fact, bending at the waist, grasping your elbows and just hanging, with knees bent as much as you need, can be a great pain reliever!

Finally, this chart below also shows some stretches you can do from a chair and with a towel to help with lower back and leg pain. Stretching your glutes, hamstrings, and quads can help alleviate hip and lower back pain.  Neck rolls, nodding yes and shaking your head no (slowly) are also ways to help relieve pain in your neck and upper back.

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