What can your auto insurance cover

If you’ve been injured in an accident you may discover that your auto insurance policy does more than just cover damage to your, or someone else’s, car. Your auto insurance can also help with medical payments or with gap insurance for a new car. Your collision insurance, which you should have if you have a car you’re making payments on, will cover the value of the car if it’s deemed “totaled.” However, the value of the car is most likely going to be less than what you paid for it. So what do you do with the remaining money you still owe? You can have that covered by your insurance policy too!

Learn more about what your auto insurance can cover, like medical payments, in Rick Wagner’s latest videos below. Rick is an accident attorney in Grand Junction, Colorado and provides these videos with helpful tips for the general public.

Here Rick explains the idea of “gap” insurance and how that can be useful to you after a car accident.

In this video Rick explains how to get help with your medical bills after a car accident.

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