Turn Signals in Roundabouts

For most people, the thought of entering and exiting a roundabout is daunting enough. Rules about turn signals in roundabouts are even more anxiety inducing! Many drivers didn’t even know there was ever a law stating that you were supposed to use a turn signal in a roundabout.

turn signals in roundabouts

photo from gjsentinel.com


Recently the Colorado Court of Appeals ruled that you do not have to use a turn signal when entering or exiting a roundabout.  The court ruled that use of a turn signal when entering a roundabout was unnecessary because the driver is simply “following a curve in the road,” and not “entering onto a new roadway.” They also believe it could be confusing for other drivers already in the roundabout or planning to enter the roundabout from a different entrance. Those who did often use a turn signal might use one on exiting, but we feel sure that there were very few people ever using one on entering.

What’s more important for roundabout use is making sure to slow down and yield to traffic already in the roundabout. It can be helpful, for those waiting to enter, if you signal when approaching your exit area, but it is not required.  In fact, Colorado traffic laws state that you are supposed to signal 100 ft before your turn; that’s not even possible to do in a roundabout, especially in some of our smaller ones, like Horizon and 12th. In fact, it could really confuse other drivers if you tried to signal your roundabout intentions 100 ft before your exit turn.

If you’re still confused about turn signals in roundabouts, or roundabouts in general, check out our “How to use a roundabout” article here.

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