Western Colorado Accident Attorney

Rick Wagner knows Western Colorado. As a native of the area Rick has spent the majority of his life here.  Not only did Rick grow up here, he also was in law enforcement and worked at the DA’s office. Because of this if you’re looking for a Western Colorado Accident Attorney, Rick Wagner is a great choice!

  • As a former peace officer with the Mesa County Sheriff’s Department, Rick has traveled all sorts of roads across the expanse of Mesa County. At 3,341 square miles, that’s a lot of territory to cover! Rick is familiar with it all!
  • As a Western Colorado Accident Attorney Rick has learned about small towns and communities all across the west slope. Places like Lazear and Peagreen may not be familiar to you, but accidents happen there too.  Rick knows these areas and is able to help with cases involving these roads and communities.

Rick himself can tell you even more about his familiarity with Western Colorado:

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