Towing Your RV

Spring is almost here, which means so is camping season. We know this past year was a big one for the RV industry; everyone decided camping was the safest way to explore new places and everyone bought a camper. As the inventory lessened, some new RVers probably found themselves with a camper larger than what they originally planned to have. Towing a 16′ camper and towing a 30′ camper are very different experiences. We’ve got quite a few tips and links below for towing your RV.

First, check out our previous post on towing your RV here. 

Next, Long Long Honeymoon on YouTube has a great video of RV towing tips.  

Watch the video below or click the link above to watch it on YouTube.

The folks over at Bob Scott RV, here in Grand Junction, also have some basic towing and loading tips, including, “Load your trailer to attain a 10%-15% tongue weight. Distribute 60 percent of the load over the front half of the trailer. Also, make sure that the weight is distributed evenly from side to side. Uneven distribution can create unstable conditions, such as trailer sway and uneven tire wear. Firmly secure the load to prevent shifting during cornering and braking which could result in loss of control.” Read more of their tips here.

If you’ve just purchased a new RV and want to practice backing up with your new camper, head for a large empty parking lot. Church parking lots on any day except Sunday are usually a good option.

Stay safe while traveling with your camper this summer and be alert. Distracted driving can be dangerous not only for you, but for those around you. If you do end up injured in an accident, please call us. Accident injuries are all we do. Click here to contact us today.