The Theragun and Other Massagers for Home Pain Relief

by: Ursula Nizalowski

Being in a car accident is never fun for anyone, especially when dealing with the bodily pain that follows. While taking pain killers or going to a local chiropractor are certainly options, they can be expensive as the amount of money spent on medicines and visitations eventually add up. Luckily, there are methods for home pain relief that don’t require buying expensive pain killers or making constant visits to the chiropractor. One particular method is electric massagers, which can be used multiple times for neck and back pain relief at any time. Some popular brands of massagers are Theragun, HoMedics, and Renpho. In turn, their products offer several advantages and disadvantages depending on the needs of the individual.

Theragun Liv

Founded in 2009, Theragun is a company specializing in massager ‘guns’ that are meant to ease muscular pain. While typically used by athletes, products like the Theragun Liv can be for general use. It can relieve muscle pain and improve posture, which helps one recover more quickly from a car accident. However, the intense massages that the Theragun Liv is capable of can be painful to those who are particularly sensitive. Also, it’s somewhat expensive with its current price at roughly $200, but relatively cheaper than other Theragun models.

HoMedics Percussion Pro Action Massager with Heat

Known for promoting wellness at home, HoMedics’ line of products include massagers, humidifiers, essential oils, and more. Though one of their more popular massagers is the Percussion Pro Action Massager with Heat. Currently priced at approximately $40, this massager comes with a heat feature which helps relax the muscles more easily and is lightweight for comfortable use. Now, it can be noisy and the heat feature doesn’t immediately take effect once it’s turned on.

Renpho Handheld Back Massager

As good as massagers can be, they are limited by their battery life. Luckily, the wellness company Renpho offers a handheld back massager that includes rechargeable batteries. It is also flexible in terms of use and comes with five massaging heads that offer different experiences. Despite being relatively cheap at $32, according to Renpho’s website, this back massager only lasts 20 minutes before overheating and has a 140 minute battery life (or about 2 hours total).

Thus, it all comes down to personal choice. Because depending on what the person needs to relieve their neck and/or back pain, each product offers different pros and cons. As for dealing with actual car accidents, be sure to contact attorney Rick Wagner for any legal needs.