Healing after a car accident

What does it mean to be “injured” in a car accident? Well it means lots of things. It could mean that you have a concussion; it could mean you broke your back. Being injured could refer to cuts and scrapes and psychological trauma. No matter how mild or how severe your injuries are, there are steps you can take to begin healing after a car accident.

airbag injuries

First, see your doctor. If you weren’t severely injured (thankfully) you still need to see your physician. It’s possible you have a concussion, bruised ribs, some serious contusions, and some anxiety about driving again. Your doctor is a great first step for identifying these injuries and offering tips on healing.

Second, take your time and get some rest. Your body’s fight or flight responses kick into high gear during a car accident. Afterwards it’s important to take your time getting back into your routine. Take a day or two to rest and recover. Most likely you have aches and pains, even if the accident wasn’t serious.  Take a hot bath, rest and let your body heal.  Listen to your body. Then, a few days after the accident, if you notice a new ache or pain, let your doctor know. You may have an injury that is just now presenting itself.

Third, consider seeing a counselor if you find that you’ve developed anxiety about driving. This is a good step to help with healing after a car accident. It’s not uncommon, especially after a severe accident, to be nervous to drive again.

Finally, after serious injuries, go easy on that path to recovery. Follow your doctor’s orders for resting, physical therapy, etc.  Healing takes time. Have patience and know that recovering from any accident injury takes time.

Don’t forget, if you have been injured in an accident, you may be eligible for compensation. We offer free consultations to help determine that. Contact us today.