Driving Pet Peeves

What really gets me are people that don’t use their blinkers. Seriously, signal your turn: there is a car behind, next to and one in front of you and you don’t signal your turn? What are you thinking? Well, that’s actually the crux of the matter. Not thinking, following the leader, being lazy, pretending to be a NASCAR driver are the top reasons why people don’t use their blinkers. And it is one of the top causes for accidents.


Here are 7 (Bad) Reasons Why People Don’t Use Their Turn Signals



  1. Nobody’s Around
  2. It’s Only a Right Turn
  3. The Guy in Front of You Didn’t Use His Signal
  4. You’re in the Back of the Line
  5. Signals are a Pain to Turn Off
  6. You’re Secretly a NASCAR Driver 
  7. You like to Live Dangerously



Maybe it’s time for a turn signal public service campaign. One experiment on a college campus founded that a posted sign reading “Please Signal and Drive Safely” increased signal rates from 63 percent to 87 percent when exiting a parking garage.

PHOTO: Traffic jams up on the Kennedy Expressway leaving the city for the Memorial Day weekend, 2014 in Chicago. How many folks didn’t use their turn signal? SCOTT OLSON/GETTY IMAGES

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