Best Times to Drive on Highway 50 During Construction (2022 Update)

Best Times to Drive on Highway 50 During Construction (2022 Update)

By: Ursula Nizalowski

Since April of last year, Highway 50 has been undergoing significant construction.  This in turn has led to periodic closures and times when cars can go through.  Additionally, the number of lanes vehicles are allowed to drive on has alternated depending on the ever-changing construction schedule.  Fortunately, here is yet another update on the situation for those who might be driving on Highway 50 in the near future.

A Quick Recap

The part of Highway 50 receiving the most work is the section that goes through Blue Creek Canyon, which has had a notorious amount of car-related accidents happen on it.  So multiple government organizations proposed the Little Blue Creek Canyon Project to make the Blue Creek Canyon safer for drivers.  Among the intended improvements include realigning the road and widening it to two lanes from the current single-lane section.  But since this level of construction requires “rock fall mitigation work and blasting through the construction zone” according to Delta County’s website, it has lead to periodic closures throughout the past year.  Plus, weather conditions and delays have held things up.

Schedule for the Remainder of 2022

Beginning this month, here is the driving schedule for the rest of this year as posted by

  • Single Lane alternating traffic will be from 6:30 AM to 7:30 PM Monday through Friday
  • Full nighttime closures will be from 7:30 PM to 6:30 AM Monday through Thursday
  • There will be open Two-Way traffic with no delays from Friday at 7:30 PM to Monday at 6:30 AM


For any further questions/concerns on this project, or any accidents that might have happened in this area, feel free to contact attorney Rick Wagner.

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