Are UTVs safer than ATVs


Are UTVs safer than ATVs?

By Ursula Nizalowski

While the winter season may be approaching us, it’s not too late to consider looking into off-road vehicles for either work or recreational activities. These include ATVs and UTVs, which can be rented or bought at dealerships. But one thing to consider beforehand is how accident-prone these vehicles may be. After all, just because these vehicles are designed to go through rugged terrain doesn’t necessarily mean they’re safe for the driver. So here is a quick rundown of all the pros and cons associated with ATVs and UTVs including statistics on how safe they are.


Being aptly called All-Terrain Vehicles, these four-wheeled bikes can be used for multiple purposes. They are able to access “hard-to-reach areas” in the wilderness according to Cardo Systems’ blog due to their small frame. In turn, this makes them better for racing since they’re lighter weight-wise. With that said, these benefits have their downsides. Because ATVs are smaller than UTVs, they can only carry 1-2 people at a time. On top of that, their lighter weight means they don’t stick to the ground as much as UTVs.


Compared to ATVs, Utility Task Vehicles (or Side-by-Sides) are more akin to golf carts in design. Thus, UTVs are bulkier and heavier in weight. Some advantages to this include being able to carry more people while driving, and hauling various kinds of equipment. But UTVs are more expensive than ATVs with a difference of “several thousand dollars” according to Outdoor Troop. UTVs are also not as maneuverable as ATVs, making them less suitable for racing or similar activities.

Which is More Prone to Accidents?

So, are UTVs safer than ATVs? To answer this question, we need to look at different statistics. For instance, MotoShark claims the number of ATV-related accidents increased from 10,000 cases to 15,000 between the years of 1982 and 2017. But in the Eastern Arizona Courier newspaper, it was reported in 2014 that Yamaha’s Rhino Side-by-Sides, which could go 60 mph, were faced with many lawsuits in the mid-2000s due to rollover-related injuries. So clearly, there’s considerable risk with both vehicles. Yet most sources agree UTVs are safer than ATVs because they’re bulkier and therefore less likely to roll over in general.

Regardless of one’s choice, though, it’s always important to be safe while driving off-road vehicles. Some safety measures include wearing a helmet and not going so fast on difficult terrain to avoid rolling over. But for any vehicle-related injuries that do occur, contact attorney Rick Wagner.