Why You Should Be Wary Of Insurance Adjusters

We have all seen the commercials that claim insurance companies are there for us,
like a reliable neighbor, but many claimants realize this just isn’t the case. The truth
of the matter is, insurance companies are not on your side, since they will prioritize
their pocketbook every time. After a serious car accident, a person may be left with
property damage, physical injury, and other costly inconveniences that turn their life
upside down. So how do insurance companies take advantage of claimants who
deserve compensation? Well, the short answer is that insurers often utilize insurance
adjusters to reduce or deny fair claims.

Adjusters Do Not Work For Your Benefit

Even the most friendly insurance adjuster is probably already prepared with a
strategy to minimize your claim. You may assume that insurance companies will
work hard for you and get to the bottom of a serious accident or that they will
always do the right thing. After all, isn’t that what they are for? Not exactly, or
entirely. In fact, insurance companies are for profit entities and their biggest concern
is how much they are making, not what you need to recover from a traumatic
accident. As a car accident lawyer has seen before, many claimants are wrongfully
denied compensation or are offered low settlement awards that do not cover the full
extent of their losses. For this reason, speaking with a lawyer is recommended, as a
resource to answer your questions and as means of protection.

Insurance Adjusters Have Obligations To You

Despite the trickery that insurance adjusters use on claimants, they do have certain
obligations to you. They must abide by the terms of your insurance policy, follow
through with promises they have made to you, stay in accordance with federal and
state laws, and operate with a duty of good faith. But do not make the error of
confusing these obligations with trusting that insurers will work for your benefit.
Instead, this is something that a law firm, similar to Cohen & Cohen, can do you for.
Your legal team can be your best advocate, ensure insurance companies are using
fair practices, and negotiate until a reasonable settlement award is offered. Keep in
mind that not even your own insurance company is working for you. It is the role of
an insurance adjuster to contact you in the days after and ask you about the
accident, when they already have all the information they need, in hopes of tripping                                                                                    you up on your own words to then use against you. Be wary of adjusters and let your                                                                                    lawyer speak with them for you.

Anyone who has been in a serious personal injury accident, like a vehicle collision,
must do everything they can to protect their best interests. Those who are going
through financial strife and physical agony because of a reckless driver are
encouraged to speak with a reputable law firm in their area as soon as possible.
Remember, insurance adjusters are not on your side, but your legal team will be.