Tips for sharing the road with cyclists

Grand Junction claims to be a “bike friendly” city. As you enter the city limits you’ll see signs saying just that. However, sharing the road with cyclists can often feel daunting and even frustrating.  We’ve got a few easy tips for you to help you worry less.

Tips for sharing the road


  1. First, know that no one is perfect. You probably don’t always follow the rules of the road to a tee, and no one else does either. Just do your best and hope your cyclist road companions will too. Sharing the road is easier if we all do our part to maintain a cool demeanor and a level head.
  2. Be alert. You should always be alert while driving, but especially if you know the road you’re on is frequented by cyclists. By the same token, cyclists should also be alert for traffic.
  3. Know what the basic rules are: give 3 ft of distance between you and the cyclist if they’re using a bike lane. If they’re riding with traffic (which they are allowed to do on designated roads) then wait for a clear place to pass. Chances are if they’re riding with traffic they’re going at a decent speed anyway.
  4. Our fourth tip for sharing the road is to double check what’s happening around you before making a right turn. Often bike lanes are between the “straight” lane and the right turn lane at stop lights. However, if you’re pulling out of a driveway or you’re at a light with no bike lane, a cyclist could pull up beside you and turn without you realizing it. Be sure to look both ways before making a turn.
  5. Finally, remember that your car is bigger.  Even if cyclists irritate you, they are still more at risk of being injured in an accident with you than you are. Take a deep breath, mutter to yourself if you must, and keep calm. Find more tips here.

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