Rick Wagner and the Benefits of Choosing a Local Lawyer Over a Big Law Firm

By Ursula Nizalowski 


Though the city of Grand Junction is relatively small compared to other cities in Colorado, it
does have a lot of law firms. Some are branches of Denver law firms like Ireland Stapleton
Pryor & Pascoe, while others are local such as Killian, Davis, Richter, & Kraniak. Between
these two categories, Rick Wagner’s law firm fits the latter. Now what makes his small law firm
a viable option compared to a bigger law firm? Well, that’s what this article hopes to answer.

Small vs Big Firms

Pros and Cons of a Big Law Firm – When picturing a big law firm, one usually
thinks of the kind depicted in legal dramas which creates the expectation that they would be the
best option for winning a case. Yet while this type of law firm does take on a variety of different
cases as well as have more resources and attorneys available, there are disadvantages. Because
“The more people there are working on a case, the more opportunity for misunderstandings”
according to Kroger, Gardis & Regas thus leading to errors. On top of that, attorneys at big law
firms have to deal with their case being reviewed by their peers multiple times, causing the case
to take longer to resolve, and the pressure of clocking in as many billable hours as possible in a
competitive environment. For this reason, the client has to pay more money for a big firm’s
services than a smaller law firm.
Pros and Cons of a Small Law Firm – Also known as boutique firms, small law
firms don’t have a lot of resources, not many attorneys, and have a narrower range in the types of
cases they deal with. But small firms do have “a more relaxed atmosphere” JD Advising says, which might ease the client’s mind and make them more willing to work with an attorney. Plus,
there’s not as much constant peer oversight in small law firms and less competition when it
comes to billable hours. This allows the attorney to have a more conscientious approach to their
client, giving them the chance to work more thoroughly and do everything they can to win the
client’s case.


Who is Rick Wagner?


Biography and Experience – Rick D. Wagner “has been a prosecutor in both the
18th and 21st Judicial Districts” and “spent several years as a peace officer, culminating as a
Captain with the Mesa County Sheriff’s office” according to rickwagnerslaw.com . He is a native
of the Western Colorado area and mainly specializes in cases involving vehicle-related accidents
such as cars and motorcycles. In terms of consultations and payment for services, Wagner does
them by agreement between him and the client. Location-wise, his firm is located in Suite 301
within a large office building at 300 Main Street, Grand Junction, Colorado, with its business
hours being from 9 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday.
Reviews and Social Media – Currently, Rick Wagner’s law firm has a four-star
rating out of three reviews on Nicelocal and five stars on Google with the same number of
reviews. Two of these reviews are quite positive, with one reviewer named Christine D.
claiming Wagner “is the best accident attorney in Grand Junction Colorado”. Rick Wagner is
also present on social media, though particularly FaceBook and LinkedIn .


So for those who would like help on dealing with a recent accident, feel free to contact Rick
Wagner either by calling him at (970) 243-3500 or emailing him at [email protected] .