Pet Safe De-icing products

When it comes to our pets, we want to keep them as safe as possible. That means even in winter, when our driveways are iced over, we want to make sure that the products we use to protect ourselves and our cars are also safe for our pets, our driveways, and the environment.  Most de-icing products are made from salt, which is terrible for the planet and can cause cracking and peeling of concrete on your driveway.  However, one company, Gaia Enterprises, Inc., makes two great products for melting ice and keeping the environment and your pets safe.

The first product, Safe Paw, melts ice without the use of salt or dangerous chemicals. Safe Paw works through a 2-part process.  The first liquid portion of the product melts ice and starts to break up the surface tension created by the ice. Then the crystal core of the product speeds up the melting process.  Safe Paw also attracts solar heat to speed up the melting process even more. Once the ice is melted what’s left behind by Safe Paw is a traction assist covering that prevents ice from forming for 3 days. 

Also made by Gaia is Traction Magic. Similar to Safe Paw, Traction Magic uses a 2-part granule system to first suck up the liquid layer on top of ice that causes slippage and then uses granules to grip the ice and create a “sticky” layer of traction. 

Products like this can help you and others avoid slips and falls at your home and also avoid accidents when backing out of a steep driveway.  If ice is present you’re more likely to slip into the street or end up out of control.  When that happens accidents are much more likely happen. 

We want you and your pets to stay safe this winter and we think products like these are a great way to do that.  This post is not sponsored by Gaia Enterprises. 


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