Motorcycle Maintenance Checklist


It’s spring, and spring is a great time to get out on your motorcycle for a scenic ride.  Before you do though, we suggest you take a look at this motorcycle maintenance checklist.  Giving your bike a thorough tune-up before the season begins can prevent breakdowns and accidents on the road.

  1. Is the gas old? If it’s been more than 6 weeks or so since you’ve been on your bike, change out the gas.  Old gas can get thick and that will lead to issues with your engine.  Best to start fresh.
  2. Check the oil.  Even if you think “well I just topped it off 3 months ago…” Three months is a long time; check the oil and top off if needed.
  3. Inspect your brakes and brake pads and see if any wearing down is evident. Check the brake fluid and lines as well.  If anything looks worn, cracked, etc., replace it before you take off.  Test out your brake lights too and make sure those are in working order.
  4. If your battery has been sitting outside during the winter it may have drained.  Check and recharge if necessary.
  5. Wash your bike; this isn’t just about making sure the bike looks nice.  When you wash it you’ll be able to get a closer look at the entire bike and this can help you identify any early problems, like worn cables or small leaks.
  6. Check your tires, headlights, and blinkers.
  7. Take the bike for a ride around the neighborhood and listen for odd noises.  This also gives you a chance to reacquaint yourself with the bike too.
  8. Restock your tool kit and first aid kit.
  9. Check your helmet for any wear and tear.
  10. Get out there and have a great, safe journey on your bike.

We hope this motorcycle maintenance checklist will help you stay safe on your bike and allow you to more fully enjoy some scenic rides.