Maroon Bells Parking

Author: Ursula Nizalowski

With the autumn season in full swing, the leaves have naturally started to change into beautiful shades of orange, yellow, and red. So what better way to view this transformation than by heading to Maroon Bells. Considered among the most photographed peaks in North America, they are a pair of deep purple mountains located in an Aspen and Pine tree valley with a lovely lake between. Additionally, the Maroon Bells are within driving distance from Aspen, Colorado, which makes them a perfect location for a weekend trip. Now due to the immense popularity of Maroon Bells, here are certain rules that must be followed in wake of COVID-19.

Shuttle Schedule and Ticket Price

Before embarking on the Maroon Bells Shuttle at the Rubey Park Transit Center in Aspen, you have to make a reservation. Keep in mind, though, that seating is limited and all passengers are required to wear masks. The exception to this is children from ages 2 and younger. Also, the ticket price is $15.95 with the current bus schedule being from 8 AM to 5 PM. For more information, here’s a link to the reservation page on

Maroon Bells Parking Schedule and Fees

For safety reasons, personal vehicles have to be reserved prior to entering the Maroon Bells parking area with a cost of $10 per vehicle. There are parking permits available on’s reservation page with varying hours depending on how long one plans to stay in the area. Now at the Aspen Highlands Ski Resort, which lies near the Maroon Bells, there is a parking lot available for use. While the first 30 minutes are free, longer parking times require additional fees starting with $10 at three hours and $30 for eight or more hours. Space is also available at the parking garage on 427 Rio Grande Pl, Aspen, CO 81611. For any car-related accidents, contact attorney Rick Wagner.