Best Tires for Winter Driving

While we’ve provided you with tips for winter driving we haven’t provided you with much information on gear for driving.  Tires, of course can make a huge difference in whether or not you make it safely to work on days when Colorado roads are not only snow-covered, but icy too.

winter snow tires

We like this information provided by Gear Patrol on the 15 best winter tires for 2016. We think they provide you with several great tire options, including various price points, tires for different types of travel, and for different types of vehicles.

Here’s a snippet of their article. We’ve provided several links so you can read more.

Every pro driver will tell you a car is only as good as its tires. You can go out of your way to get a car with the best handling and the most intelligent AWD system on the market, but if you can’t put the power down or get traction, all those millions of dollars in R&D are worth nil. Which is why winter weather is the ultimate test of a tire.

Water, slush, snow and salt need to be controlled and pumped out from underneath the tire through intricate channels while the softer rubber can mold and grip the road surface, despite low temperatures. It’s why winter tires look so much more extreme in design than summer or all-season tires. Where a summer tire’s near-slick surface would just aquaplane, the tread on a winter tire shovels and pumps water out of the way while gripping the snow to keep you going in the right direction. It’s all about having the right tools for the job, and getting from A to B during the winter is no different. Think of winter tires as an investment in traction and peace of mind.

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Or check out this video on the Top 5 Best Winter tires: